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Patient Engagement Webinar Series

Hosted in partnership with Center for Care Innovations and funded by the Blue Shield of California Foundation, this is a five-part patient engagement webinar series. Each webinar in this series will focus on a different topic regarding patient engagement at the organizational level. The goal of this work is to promote best practices for how to support patient engagement within the primary care safety net setting. 

1) Care Integration: From the System to the Patient

This first webinar provides insight on the background of patient engagement, some of the research that has been conducted, as well as a discussion about the challenges and successes of patient engagement.  This webinar features our very own Dr. J. Nwando Olayiwola; Dr. Anjana Sharma; and Margae Knox.

2) Starting Patient Advisory Councils from Scratch

This second webinar features Lucia Angel, who leads the Patient Advisory Council Collaborative within the San Francisco Health Network. Lucia shares some best practices for starting patient advisory councils from scratch. 

3) Language and Diversity in Engagement

This third webinar features Dr. Lyn Berry and Selena Soni Wood from Highland Hospital, a public hospital network in Oakland, CA. They share their experiences in maintaining and addressing the needs of their diverse patient population in the context of patient engagement. 

4) Hearing from the patients themselves: Patient Advisors share their experiences

This fourth webinar features our gracious panel of patients who share their experiences as being advisors on an advisory council.

This panel includes:
Royster Miles - Family Health Center, San Francisco, CA
Harrison Maina - Malden Clinic, Cambridge Health Alliance, MA
Bryant Campbell - Providence Medical Group, Portland, OR
Ali Mischke - Union Square Family Health, Cambridge Health Alliance, MA
Amberly Ticotsky, RN BSN, MPH- Union Square Family Health, Cambridge Health Alliance, MA

5) Innovative Models of Patient Engagement

This last and final webinar in this series features Dr. Tara Kiran from St. Michael's Hospital Academic Family Health Team, and Sarah Eaton and Emily Mowrer from the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing. They share ways to engage patients beyond the traditional patient advisory council. 




Institute for High Quality Care (IHQC)

The Center for Excellence in Primary Care partnered with the Institute for High Quality Care to put together a webinar defining what patient engagement is, the evidence base supporting patient engagement, and its implementation within clinics. This webinar features Anjana Sharma, MD, and Rachel Willard-Grace, MPH. 


Family Medicine for America's Health: Patient Engagement Awareness Day

Join Dr. Anjana Sharma as she goes over the past and current research on patient engagement and highlights practical, innovative ways in which clinics around the country are actively engaging with patients. 

Slides are available here: