Building Blocks Transformation Webinars

Achieving the triple aim of health reform—better health, improved patient experience, and more affordable costs—requires a foundation of high-performing primary care. Many exciting efforts are underway to re-engineer primary care practices. To help facilitate these efforts, practices can benefit from a roadmap to help navigate the journey from old to new. The 10 Building Blocks framework represents the synthesis of the Center for Excellence in Primary Care’s thinking from over a decade of observing and experiencing improvement work in primary care.

The CEPC has developed a series of 15-30 minute on-demand webinars that introduce practice coaches to foundational practice transformation principles within the 10 Building Blocks of High-Performing Primary Care framework. These webinars use a tactical approach to address core elements that facilitate success in the following priority areas for the California Quality Collaborative’s Practice Transformation Initiative:

  • Building Block 3: Empanelment
  • Building Block 5: The Patient-Team Partnership
  • Building Block 6: Population Management
  • Building Block 8: Prompt Access to Care