Bright Spots in Primary Care


In April 2016, CEPC founding director Dr. Tom Bodenheimer and practice coach and trainer Sara Syer spent a full day talking with leaders and shadowing care teams at the BellinHealth Ashwaubenon Family Medicine Center in Green Bay, WI. Click the PDF icon below to read their report on this "bright spot" in primary care, featuring a team-based care model that Dr. Bodenheimer and Ms. Syer describe as "the most impressive we have seen".


Union Health Center

For 10 years, Union Health Center in New York City has provided high-quality health coaching to patients with chronic conditions, and has made health coaching a regular feature of primary care. Click the PDF icon below to read the "Bright Spots" report on Union Health Center.


West County Health Centers

In September 2016, Nathan Stern, MD, the CEPC's Primary Care Transformation Fellow, visited West County Health Centers in Northern California. Dr. Stern came away very impressed with their unique and comprehensive approach to primary care. Their innovative model keeps them on the frontier of the shifting landscape of primary care, and serves as a paradigm for others to follow. Click the PDF below to learn about one of the brightest of "Bright Spots."


Oregon Health & Science University’s (OHSU) Family Medicine Clinic at Gabriel Park

The Gabriel Park residency teaching clinic at Oregon Health and Science University teaches us important lessons on how to create a high-performing teaching clinic.