Health Coaching for COVID-19

Evidence shows that health coaching tools are effective in supporting people in making difficult changes to their daily lives. Much like improving diabetes control or quitting smoking, adhering to a quarantine involves behavior change and is not easy. It may require changing our social relationships and our physical space. There are practical barriers, such as whether people have food and other supplies or how they will communicate with workplaces about not coming in.

In order to be successful, people need an understanding of why the importance outweighs the inconvenience. That means building their knowledge. They need to be able to identify and break down the barriers they are facing and to navigate available resources. As a contact tracer or case investigator, that means helping them think of viable solutions that work in their own lives. Health coaching offers tools to help address these core needs!

Since May 2020, we have trained more than 10,000 people across the state of California in health coaching skills to support contact tracing and case investigation. We are delighted to share some tools and resources that may help you successfully navigate your role as a contact tracer or case investigator! If you are interested in having CEPC train your organization on health coaching or you would like to learn more about our training videos or curriculum, please contact us at [email protected] 

If you are interested in downloading our health coaching curriculum, please click here.


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