Our Services

Training & Practice Facilitation

The Center for Excellence in Primary Care provides training and practice facilitation to primary care practices seeking to improve the patient experience and engage patients as active participants in their care. We have extensive experience in the safety net that cares for uninsured and vulnerable populations, and we also support the broader primary care community. We provide personalized mentoring for clinic staff and tools to help implement team-based care.

We have extensive experience in primary care transformation. Since 2005, we have…

  • Trained over 1,000 people in the United States and Canada on health coaching and panel management
  • Provided train the trainer programs in health coaching and/or panel management
  • Developed curricula to train health coaches, panel managers, complex care managers, and practice facilitators
  • Provided practice facilitation to more than 40 practices in California

Our new Primary Care Transformation Academy will allow us to expand our reach and share our experience with a broader array of practices seeking to become high performing and patient-centered practices. The academy will train practice coaches in our curricula. In addition, we seek to establish an ongoing relationship with our alumni to provide continued mentoring and support from our staff and other trainers in the field.

Evaluation Services

CEPC also provides evaluation services to assist practices engaged in practice transformation. We guide practices through as self-assessment process using our Building Blocks of Primary Care Assessment tool and help them understand their staff and clinician needs and capabilities using the System Transformation Evaluation Project (STEP) survey.

To speak with us about how CEPC can support primary care transformation in your organization, contact us at [email protected]