Panel Management

What is Panel Management?

Panel Management is the process of identifying and engaging with patients who are due for chronic or preventive care services. Nurses, medical assistants, and/or clerical staff can play an integral role in patient care by working with providers to address these needs.

Our Panel Management Curriculum

Panel Management training may include:

  • Overview of panel management
  • How to identify care gaps using registry reports
  • Tracking and reporting panel management efforts
  • Health coaching to close care gaps
  • Identifying care gaps (clinical guidelines)
  • Developing standing orders
  • Identifying exceptions to standing orders
  • Outreach: making calls and writing and sending letters
  • Implementing panel management

CEPC has trained over 1,000 people in panel management. CEPC supports Primary Care Transformation in San Francisco safety net clinics that are part of UCSF and the Department of Public Health by training and mentoring their staff in panel management.

If you are interested in having CEPC train your organization to deliver this training, please contact CEPC at [email protected].