Implementation Workshops

Why invest in an implementation workshop?

Launching a new program successfully requires more than just training in skills or new content. If the environments in which people work are not transformed, people will default to old ways of operating. Buy-in and clear next steps are needed from leaders, front-line staff, and other stakeholders.

CEPC’s implementation workshop and practice support is offered as an add-on to any of our skills-based trainings to support putting new practice change skills into action.

What are the implementation workshop objectives?

CEPC will tailor the implementation workshop to address a practice’s highest-priority concerns.

Objectives typically include:

  • Review and revise workflows and protocols
  • Identify stakeholders and how best to communicate with them about the new program.
  • Determine an implementation timeline
  • Confirm implementation goals.

Workshop also includes practical tools and resources such as example job descriptions for new positions, standing order protocols, and suggested data tracking fields.

How can CEPC’s implementation workshop and support help your organization?

  1. Prior to new training efforts, CEPC’s experienced trainers start by guiding the internal clinic team to consider changes needed in infrastructure, policy, or workflows that will support the new model of care.
  2. Immediately after training, CEPC’s trainers facilitate a half-day implementation workshop in which newly trained staff, their supervisors, and clinic leaders meet to refine an implementation plan. At the end of the day, the team will have a working plan for program implementation and a list of action steps required to move the program forward.
  3. Weeks to months after the training, follow-up implementation support calls to help promote accountability and answer emerging questions.

If you are an individual or an organization interested in CEPC's training programs, please contact CEPC at [email protected].